You’ve visited this website, so you’re probably interested in learning Italian: excellent choice!

The school

Learning a language isn’t easy – we’ve been there!

We also know that everyday life can sometimes be stressful and that juggling study and work requires a lot of commitment. But learning Italian and getting to know the Italian culture is also very rewarding and enriching! And we’re right there to support you throughout your learning journey!

WAHS was established in response to the growing demand for Italian language learning for a variety of reasons:

  • sitting the language exam required for Italian citizenship,
  • understanding every nuance when interacting with your partner and/or their family,
  • finally being able to understand your colleagues when they speak to each other, and so on.

Nobody wants to feel left out because they don’t understand a language – our buzzword is inclusion!

la escuela

Si estás visitando esta página web es porque probablemente estés interesado en aprender italiano: ¡excelente decisión!

Además de todo lo que los demás centros ofrecen, es decir, profesores competentes y comprometidos, opciones personalizadas para cada estudiante, evaluaciones continuas, un enfoque orientado hacia el estudiante y una ubicación en el centro de Londres, nosotros ofrecemos algo más: si estudias con nosotros te beneficiarás de la experiencia y del buen ojo de un traductor quien, sin duda, desea ofrecer el mejor resultado a sus clientes con corrección lingüística. Ofrecemos cursos de grupos reducidos e individuales para la preparación del examen B1 CITTADINANZA, cursos de idiomas generales y clases para empresas.

¡Ponte en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información!

A escola

Você visitou este site então provavelmente está interessado em aprender italiano: excelente escolha!

Além do que todos oferecem como professores competentes e apaixonados, opções sob medida para cada estudante, acompanhamento constante, uma abordagem centrada no aluno e uma localização no centro de Londres, nós temos algo a mais: conosco você se beneficiará da experiência e dos olhos atentos de um tradutor que inevitavelmente deseja proporcionar o melhor resultado para seus clientes e para correção linguística. Nós oferecemos turmas pequenas e cursos individuais para preparação para o exame B1 CITTADINANZA, cursos gerais do idioma e aulas corporativas.

Entre em contato para mais informações!

But why pick us?

In addition to what everyone else offers, namely competent and passionate teachers, tailor-made options for each student, constant feedback, a student-centred approach and a central London location, we have something extra: with us, you’ll benefit from the experience and keen eyes of a translator, who inevitably aspires to delivering the best outcome for their clients and to linguistic correctness.

Embark on your language learning adventure with us and you’ll see that anything is achievable if you put in the right amount of effort and that learning a new language can actually be a lot of fun!

Our offer


As you may know, all applicants for Italian citizenship, whether married to an Italian citizen or resident in Italy, must provide evidence of an adequate knowledge of the Italian language. The minimum requirement is level B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). To put it briefly, the easiest way to obtain this qualification is to take the CILS B1 CITTADINANZA exam. This examination is divided into four parts: listening, reading and use of language, writing and speaking – and we aim to teach you the best way to tackle each of these parts. You’ll be divided into groups by proficiency and receive ongoing feedback on your progress. We’ll do our very best to get you ready for the exam in no time, but don’t forget that individual study is very important!


These are standard courses aimed at students who are interested in the Italian language and want to learn it for pleasure – whether in preparation for an upcoming holiday in Italy or to show off their skills in front of their friends. Or perhaps you’re simply a language enthusiast who loves to learn new languages and enjoys delving into a new world? After all, learning a language also means learning a culture and Italy has a lot to offer in this respect!


This type of class is designed to help customers from a wide range of industries who wish to become familiar with the Italian language, taking into account their individual requirements in terms of timings and content. Corporate clients may choose to deal with more technical topics, but general exam preparation courses are also available. Our corporate classes are designed for boosting language skills in order to improve personal and work relationships with Italian colleagues, employees and employers. Courses mainly take place in small groups, but it’s also possible to ask for one-to-one options and pairs of two.

Have a look at my interview!

Student feedback
Cristina is an excellent teacher. As someone learning Italian for the first time, she explains things simply in an understandable way, is patient and encouraging and, importantly, gets results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her

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About me

I was born in Italy but England is my adopted home: I’ve lived in London for nine years and have worked as a professional freelance translator for the last seven years.

I’ve had a passion for languages from a very young age, and London has always been my favourite destination for language study trips. So after completing my studies at the prestigious Imperial College London, I decided to put down roots here. I’ve always been intrigued by this city’s openness to different cultures and its ability to bring them together, and I do my best to follow this example every day in my work.

Languages aren’t my only passion: I’m a huge cat lover and like indulging in amazing (mainly Italian) food!

...and my team

Ciao a tutti! I am Costantino. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Oriental Languages and a Master’s degree in Languages & Communication from the L’Orientale University of Naples. During these years of study, I developed my teaching skills by working as an Italian teacher in some very prestigious schools and language centres such as The Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka, the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Leonine College in Rome. To complete my studies, I obtained a Professional Master’s degree in Teaching Italian Language and Literature to foreigners (ITALS II) from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.

Our tutors are all trained to teach Italian to non-native speakers and have teaching qualifications as well as experience with language exam preparation.

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