Italian Courses Ltd is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number: 12079837.

Flat 4, 21 Marloes Road, London W8 6LG

Terms of Services

1. Italian Courses Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for unforeseen changes in students’ circumstances that may prevent attendance.

1.1 When you make a booking you have 14 days, starting from the day of purchase, to get a refund as long as the course won’t start within 14 days.

1.2 Payment of fees by instalments cannot be accepted.

1.3 Italian Courses Ltd has the right to refuse admission.

1.4 Fees cannot be refunded once a course has started, not partial refund can be granted for classes not attended and fee cannot be transferred to a different course.

2 Classes Policy:

2.1 Any change of course or schedule requested is subject to availability.
2.2 Courses may be cancelled in case of an insufficient number of students enrolled (less than 5 students).

2.3 Fees will be refunded if a course is cancelled or closed due to an insufficient number of students (less than 5), or for any other reason beyond our control.

2.4 If considered to be necessary, Italian Courses Ltd reserves the right to combine or merge classes of similar levels.

2.5 If considered to be necessary, Italian Courses Ltd reserves the right to change the tutor during the course.

3 Private Tuition Policy:

3.1 Courses / private tuition / duo classes have to be booked in block and they have to be paid for in advance. We reserve the right to cancel the first class if payment has not been made in due time.

3.2 Refund policy: no refund can be made after classes have begun.

3.3 Upon the completion of the first lesson in the package of one-to-one / duo courses of your choice, students are required to confirm the schedule of their subsequent lessons with our teachers. Each lesson

can only be rescheduled once. A minimum of 24-hour notice is required for the cancellation of a lesson.

3.4 If considered to be necessary, Italian Courses Ltd reserves the right to change the tutor during the tuitions.

4 Lessons expiration and 6-week grace period.
Private / duo lessons will automatically expire after the number of lessons purchased plus 6 weeks counting

from the moment you have purchased the package.

If you go beyond the terms indicated below, we do not have to provide the service as the lessons will expire.

For example, if you agree to take 5 lessons, you will have 11 weeks from the date of purchase to use up your lessons.

The 6-week grace period will include all the time that both you and the teacher were not available to take lessons, without any exception.

Students are expected to take at least one lessons a week.

4 Insurance:

The school provides insurance coverage only within its premises in London, which can be 1A Never Place and other locations in London.

5 Photo and video:

The school reserves the right to occasionally take photos or videos for promotional purposes only. If the student does not agree with appearing in the advertising and informational material of the school, he must promptly inform the school.

6 Confidentiality:

ITALIAN COURSES LIMITED processes all “personal data” and/or “special category data” (as defined in UK data protection legislation) in accordance with the Extant UK law and/or the Privacy Notice.

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